Easy Like Sunda Morning

Ok, so all of my puns aren’t the best, but hey, I tried! :)

I decided to try a new spot thanks to gdine.com, which has discounted pre-fixed menus at several local restaurants. I love discount dining and Sunda in River North was the recommendation of my lunch companion so I was game.

Sunda is this super cute New Asian (a term used for Eastern Asian and Southern Asian cuisine) restaurant in Chicago. The decor was Asian meets sushi bar meets picnic. Eclectic and very chic.

The view from my seat

The menu gave 4 courses so you can choose one option per course.

I chose salad for my first course. Radicchio and carrots with a little lettuce. It was salad; nothing to report there.

Second course was sushi. I got the California roll. It wasn’t bad.

Third course I chose the chicken and pork adobo which looked to be a stewed chicken and pork with garlic, vinegar, peppers and carmelized onions in a thick, delectable adobo sauce served with white rice. Delicious! The dish had bold flavors with just the right amount of heat, flavor and spice.

The final course was a mochi ice cream which is a Japanese dessert where the mochi (pounded sticky rice) is filled with ice cream. There were a few flavors including mango and green tea. The mango was my favorite. The sauces were chocolate, raspberry and a very light, buttery caramel sauce that was rich and an excellent compliment to the ice cream (even the flavors).

I give Sunda a well deserved 4 crowns!  

The service was great, the atmosphere was calm and cute and the food was amazing!

Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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